Monday, November 27, 2006

all the lights are shining so brightly everywhere

Friday night, after a long hard day of . . . doing nothing, Heidi and I decided to walk up to The Greene to get some dinner and go to Victoria's Secret. Two things that, obviously, go hand in hand. The wait at Brio was quite long, so we took the flashy-lighty-up-vibraty-beepy thingie (seriously what is that thing?) over to Victoria's to stare at the panties and smell the lotions. Don't get those two mixed up or they'll look at you funny and probably ask you to leave.

After Heidi had purchased enough to get the Heidi Klum Face Bag With All The Free Shit Inside, and since it was unseasonably warm that night (but not unseasonably warm enough to warrant FLIP FLOPS, teenage girls with the stupid words on your stupid sweatpants on your stupid butt), we decided to sit on a bench outside the restaurant and People Watch. Luckily, we were right next to the courtyard with the giant Christmas tree so the people were ripe for the watching. We were watching small children chase each other while they waited in line for Santa, the horse-drawn carriages clip-clopping past, when I spotted a peculiar looking couple standing in the middle of the courtyard. The man was down on one knee. Odd, and I thought maybe he'd hurt himself until I saw the box in his hand.

"Hey look!" I exclaimed. "That guy is proposing!"

Heidi followed my pointed finger (rude, I know) and oohed and aahed with me.

"That is too cute," she said. "I might cry."

We worried that the couple might catch us, but luckily they were too engrossed in one another to take notice of two silly, giggling women sitting twenty feet away, one of whom was taking a picture with her camera phone. I'll let you guess which one that was.

And maybe it was the twinkly lights, or the fact that Santa was so nearby and I worried that he'd hear any naughty thoughts, but my Inner Bitch was actually quiet that night. Yes, the one that wishes there were No Children sections in restaurants. The one who routinely thinks "oh vomit" and sticks an imaginary finger down her throat at any couply sign of romance. That one. Completely silent. For probably the first time ever.

I'm definitely blaming Santa*.

*Just kidding, Santa! Hugs!

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