Wednesday, November 01, 2006

oh sweet alluring Baby Ruth, why must you tempt me so? but look yonder! it is frothy 3 Muskateers, come to rid me of your tempty tempting temptingness

I ate too much candy last night. My tummy still hurts.

But, seeing as how we had one trick-or-treater before we gave up on our apartment and went to poach trick-or-treaters at my parent's house, we still have a shit ton of candy. Which means lots of tummyaches to come. Oh, happy happy. Joy joy.

AND NOW . . . Conversations with my Roommate and Also the Cutest Little Spiderman in All the Land:

Spiderman: Trick-or-treat!
Me: Aww, you have been our only trick-or-treater tonight.
Spiderman: Oh.
Me: Wait, don't leave!
Heidi: Yeah, that just means you get a TON of candy!
Spiderman: Ok!
Me: Here you go.
Spiderman: WOW that is a ton!
Me: I know.
Spiderman: Have a happy Halloween!
Heidi: Oh my god, let's steal him.

And then we did. Did you know they let you post to your blog in jail? True story.

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