Sunday, October 17, 2004


I wish I had something fun and interesting to post about. I mean, I had a fun and interesting weekend, but I really don't think it'll sound that exciting to anyone else. I spent most of Saturday morning and afternoon in Springfield, campaigning for Kerry. I didn't get to meet him, by the way, but it just occured to me that I could have totally lied and said I did meet him and none of you would know the difference (unless John Kerry is reading this, in which case, call me, Johnny, we'll talk). I think it's a testament to our relationship that I was truthful.

Plus, anything I would have made up would have sounded, well, made up. I probably would have said something like, "I met John Kerry and he took my cell phone and prank-called my friends and family," or "I went to the bar with John Kerry and we karaoked 'If I Could Turn Back Time' and it was awesome," or "John Kerry came home with me and we stayed up all night talking, eating junk food, watching 13 Going on 30, and arguing over which politician is cutest (I said John Edwards, but he seemed stuck on JFK)" but I doubt anyone would have believed that.
The campaigning was interesting. Basically we walked around neighborhoods in Springfield, interrupting everyone's quiet, Saturday morning. Not that many people were home. Or answered the door. But it was fun, even though for a brief moment we were hailed (!!!) on. No one was hurt. And then the sun came out, so we figured the whole hail thing was a rite of passage.

Last night, I went to Stiffie's place. Two of her friends were visiting, and we were all going to have a girls night in. You know, watch movies, drink, talk, laugh, etc (much like the John Kerry lie above, only minus the Kerry). The problem was, we were all so exhausted that we had two drinks, started nodding off in front of Bring it On and decided to call it a night. So sad, we are. Heh, that sounded like Yoda.

Today, Stiffie and I went to the theatre (said with British accent, notice the "re" not "er"). We saw Crazy for You, because my mom got free tickets from work and who passes up free tickets? No one, that's who. I had no idea what the show was about, but it turns out the show was written by the Gershwins and I knew most of the songs because sophomore year I took a 20th century music class and when George Gershwin came around I liked him so much that I bought a bunch of CDs and I realize that makes me a giant dork but I'm OK with it.

The show was great, but Stiffie and I were definitely the youngest people there. I saw my 7th grade science teacher, but I didn't say anything. I figured she wouldn't remember me, partly because it's been nine years since I was in her class, but mostly because the only noteworthy thing I did in there was get in trouble for chewing gum. I know, I'm such a rebel.

It was a great weekend, though, and I should have gone to bed earlier because I was really tired. Now, however, I have gotten a second wind and I'll probably be up til 2. Oops.

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