Wednesday, October 27, 2004

dinner is served

I was just driving down the street and there was a little kid crouching down on the corner, facing the street. He was digging through the puddle next to the sidewalk, and I swear he pulled something out and stuck it in his mouth. I was too horrified to try and figure out what he was snacking on, so I sped by as quickly as possible.

Now I wish I'd pulled over and asked him. I've come up with several scenarios.

He was eating worms because his older brother told him that worms have special powers that make you grow extra fast. Or that they make you invisible. Or that they allow you to become stretchy, like Stretch Armstrong.

He was eating mud because he thought it was chocolate.

He was thirsty.

He was eating leaves because he was pretending to be a caterpillar.

He dropped candy into the puddle before I turned the corner and saw him, and what I really saw was him picking the candy out of the puddle and eating it. It's the least disgusting scenario, but still not all that appetizing.

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