Wednesday, October 20, 2004

this is totally off-topic . . .

Although it's not as if this blog really has a topic, so never mind. John Kerry was in Dayton yesterday for a rally. I couldn't go because of class, but I watched it on TV when I got home. It was basically all stuff I knew or had heard before, because it's too late in the campaign for the candidates to say anything new that might screw them over in two weeks. Speaking of two weeks, can you believe there are only 13 days until the election? Seems crazy. I wonder if there will be a clear cut winner right away, or if it'll take months before we know who the real president is. Sigh.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, right, the rally. John Glenn introduced Kerry, and when Kerry took the stage he told this story about how this one time he, John Glenn, and John McCain had gone to Vietnam for some reason or another. This struck me as incredibly funny, because I kept picturing one of them going, "John, no, not you, John, you. Hey, John. Dammit, McCain, I said not you!" Basically I was picturing some whole "who's on first" debacle and it cracked me up.

Later, I was watching Conan and Alison Janney was one of his guests. I had no idea she was from Dayton, but apprently she is. Martin Sheen is also from Dayton (this kid in high school saw him at a Dorothy Lane Market once, and he was the school celebrity (the kid, not Martin Sheen, wow, parentheses within parentheses, THAT is talent) for like a week, even though he was this giant dork who, one time, got completely high from taking too many Benedryl) and I keep wondering if they talk about Dayton while they're on the set of The West Wing.

If anyone followed that last paragraph, I'm really impressed.

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