Saturday, October 09, 2004

I should be embarrassed, but I'm not

I just read this book called The Journal of Mortifying Moments (which was HORRIBLE, no one read it) and I thought I'd share some things I do that I hope no one ever witnesses.

Every time a Cher song comes on the radio, I feel the need to sing along (loudly) doing my best Cher impersonation. Especially if that song is Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves. I also used to do a Kelly Clarkson impersonation, but lots of people have witnessed that, and besides, Cher is way more embarrassing than Kelly Clarkson.

I talk to my dog. A LOT.

I talk to my fish, too.

Once I tried to teach myself the Oops, I Did it Again dance.

I obsessively check my spelling, even in e-mails or IM to my friends. I'm horrified when I see I've spelled something wrong. I blame it on 4th grade, when Mrs. Castrejon put us in Spelling groups and the group that had the highest cumulative spelling grade at the end of the quarter got to go out to dinner with her and her husband. At the GROUND ROUND. Talk about pressure.

Sometimes I worry excessively that I'm insane, but then I think that insane people never worry about being insane, they just ARE, so that's when I stop worrying. Wait. Does that mean I'm insane?

When I'm bored, I alphabetize my CDs and books. By genre.

When I read sad books, I sometimes have to put the book away for a while because I'm crying so hard I can no longer read the words.

Late at night, I watch scary movies by myself and willingly freak myself out, and as a result I creep around the house making sure no one is hiding in closets or the bathtub or something. You'd think I'd stop watching scary movies late at night, but you'd be wrong.

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