Thursday, October 14, 2004

to do . . . eventually

Things I've been putting off lately:
  • job searching
  • taking library books back
  • shaving my legs (thank you, cool weather)
  • reading books I keep buying or getting from the library, they just keep stacking up
  • watching the last two episodes of Alias: season one
  • listening to the new Norah Jones CD
  • burning some CDs I got from the library (is this illegal? I don't care)
  • changing the water in my fish's bowl
  • getting some film developed
  • getting my sweaters and coats out of storage
  • fixing my computer, because this will involve backing up my harddrive and reinstalling Windows and I'm afraid my computer will revolt against me
  • selling the guitar that I've had for four years but cannot play, except for a few chords
  • replying to e-mail
  • checking my mailbox at Witt, which I'm pretty sure is overflowing with junk by now
  • paying a fine at the public library
  • paying a fine at Witt's library
  • paying a fine at the other public library
Pretty soon a librarian is going to send a bounty hunter after me.

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