Wednesday, October 27, 2004

long time, no see

I feel like I haven't posted in a hundred years. I was gone all weekend, busy at Wittenberg with Homecoming. The weekend kind of stretched into Monday for a few of us. Mary couldn't leave because of car problems (darn, right Mary?) so Kate and I decided to stick around til Monday afternoon.

Just to let everyone know, this isn't going to be the most exciting entry, mainly because I don't really feel good, but also because I don't feel like wrapping up the weekend into a neat little post because that will take a lot of effort. So this is going to seem random and pointless to a lot of you, but really, everyone should be used to that. Also, it's going to be really long so I probably will be too lazy to go back and read it again to make sure I didn't make stupid grammatical mistakes, so be kind.

The weekend was fantastic, as expected. I got to see a lot of people I wanted to, a few that I didn't, and a few that I wish I could have spent more time with. The reunion on Friday night at Janna's was crazy. I don't think I've ever been a part of the screaming-hugging-crying girl huddle before, but I guess that's what happens when you don't see your best friends for five months. The people that didn't know us thought we were crazy, but the people that did know us KNOW we're crazy so they didn't pay much attention. McMurray's was exactly the same, especially since it was basically run over with alumni and just a few of the older Witt students. It was like a flashback. Same beer in gallon jugs (classy, huh?), same sticky floor, same beer pong tables, same disgusting bathroom, where I was told that at some point that a freshman puked in the sink. Way to make us feel welcome, freshman.

Saturday was the game, which we didn't make it to, because it was raining and we were hungry and Blue Lagoon was on TV. I also had several run-ins with a wasp on Saturday. We were staying at Nancy's house, and when I woke up on one of the sofas Saturday morning, I felt something crawling on my hand that was underneath the pillow. I lifted the pillow and there's a huge, honking wasp crawling on it. I freaked out and threw the wasp on the floor, where it crawled somewhere I couldn't see. I grabbed my blanket and pillow and moved to a different spot, but I couldn't fall to sleep after that.

I figured it had crawled away to die, but later I was in the bathroom and I heard a weird buzzing coming from the light fixture. I thought maybe the light was about to burn out, but then the wasp came flying out, and I swear it flew right at me. I locked it in the bathroom, where it stayed for a couple hours, until Whitney's boyfriend killed it.

I don't usually act like such a girl about stuff like that. If it had been a spider or pretty much any other bug I would have been fine. But I've always been terrified of things like bees, wasps, yellow jackets, basically anything that stings. I'm OK with anything else mother nature throws at me.

Saturday night was pretty much just like Friday night. We hung out at Janna's because it was her birthday, and then we went to McMurray's. Then we went to the Gamma Phi house, probably out of habit, to raid the fridge. I don't think we ended up eating anything. Danielle told us that the girls in the house have had the kitchen locked on them a few times, I guess because people were stealing food, which, let me tell you, is something that always goes on. I'll never understand why, when the members have paid or are paying out the ass for the food, they're restricted in how they can eat it.

On Sunday, Mary, Kate, and I got to be guests on Janna and Danielle's radio show. It was fun, but we weren't allowed to curse or talk about hoo-hoos so Mary and I were mostly pretty quiet. Honestly, I don't know how Janna and Danielle do it, especially Janna (hi, Janna!)

We spent the night in the sorority house that night, enjoying their new furniture and freaking BIG SCREEN TV, which they waited to purchase until we were all gone. Thanks a lot. We didn't even have a remote for our TV and then they go and buy a big screen. I give it a couple of months before some frat guy throws the new ottoman into it. Oh, frat guy.

I don't know if it's because I was around a lot of people this weekend, or if it's the fact that I got about 14 hours of sleep in three nights, but I went to bed Sunday feeling like crap, and that feeling has stuck around til now. Maybe I'm being punished for all the fun I had.

I don't care.

It was totally worth it.

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