Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Drink responsibly

I'm so glad the pointless arguing debates are over. I watched it, of course, but I have to say, it was pretty boring. Mainly because we've heard it all before. My dad and I decided it would be a lot more exciting if you made the debate a drinking game. I realize this is useless now, because the debates are over, but if you have HBO OnDemand, you can watch them whenever you want.

Kerry mentions Vietnam - one drink

There's an uncomfortable pause during Bush's answer - one drink

Kerry writes something down - one drink

Bush makes a "joke" - one drink

Kerry makes a "joke" - two drinks

Bush says something about Kerry not knowing how the world works - two drinks

Kerry says something about the incredible mistakes of the Bush administration - two drinks

The moderator looks like he wants to bitchslap one of the candidates - three drinks

Bush makes up a word - one shot

Kerry says a word you don't understand - one shot

Bush says something that doesn't make sense - one drink (this will happen a lot, be careful)

Kerry makes crazy hand gestures - one drink (this will happen a lot, too)

Bush blinks excessively - chug a beer

You change the channel because you're bored - one drink

Someone spouts off a statistic - drink a bottle of tequila, hope to pass out

I wish I'd taken my own advice before I watched the debate. I'll just be so glad when November 2nd comes and goes. Because I'm in a swing state (O-H! I-O!), whenever I watch TV I'm subjected to all the negative, mud-slinging campaign ads. So tired.

In other news, I might get to meet John Kerry on Saturday. He's coming to Springfield this weekend to campaign door-to-door so they were looking for people who are familiar with the area to help. I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but apparently at some point we all get to meet him. I'll let everyone know if he's as weird looking in person as he is on TV.

UPDATE: I just found another Debate Drinking Game, and it's MUCH better than mine.

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