Wednesday, January 02, 2008

the fat man walks alone

You guys! I cooked. For real. Like, with the stove and everything. Check it out:

1. Make some penne pasta.

2. Saute chicken in olive oil.

3. Remove chicken, add more olive oil, throw in asparagus, garlic, crushed red pepper.

4. Cook chicken and asparagus together for a couple minutes.

5. Mix with pasta. Throw on some Parmesan cheese and you're done (Texas Toast optional).

I know it's not gourmet or anything. But I made an entire meal without using the microwave. ALERT THE MEDIA.


  1. I'm thinking your cooking didn't end in fire, since there are no fire pictures. Of course, you could've left the camera in the burning ruins of your apartment. Either way, the food looks yummy.

  2. I am so impressed right now. I was originally going to comment that this was the food I used to make when I used to "cook" (opposed to now when I only eat what other people cook), but then you threw in the asparagus and you trumped anything I've ever done.

    Well done. Well done, indeed.

  3. impressive! i do a lot of the same thing, throwing in a can of stewed italian tomatoes to mix things up a bit :)

  4. Stephanie, no, so far this week I haven't set the apartment on fire.

    Abigail, I've decided that this is the year I learn how to cook. Or whatever.

    Kat!, ooh, I'll try that next time. I thought about throwing random stuff in while I was cooking it, but then I remembered that I'd have to eat it. So I put the peanut butter back in the cabinet.

  5. Oh, you ARE fancy. You making me breakfast or what? I SAID I WAS STARVING. (Oh, and being hungry makes me grumpy.)

  6. I'm definitely impressed. And I like that you gave the recipe so that we can all try it at home. Maybe next Tuesday when I have to cook again. (Tuesday is my "cook or get fast food cause Mom's not home, but you shouldn't get fast food cause it's BAD even though it's oh-so-good, so I guess it's cooking, but I don't want to cook, so I guess I'll make soup" night.)

  7. heather! anne! I can make you some eggs, maybe?

    S, I am an expert at soup. Canned soup.

  8. Anonymous10:48 AM

    OMG! Next thing you're going to be taking leftovers to work so you can eat a healthy lunch and that'll lead to a decision to watch less crap television and pretty soon you'll be exercising even more and then you'll get all healthy and energetic and we won't know you anymore. Stop the madness.

  9. 'mouse! Perish the thought. That will never happen.

  10. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Yay! I feel like I haven't cooked anything from scratch in about nine years. That is my This Weekend Resolution.