Friday, January 18, 2008

no, seriously, what is wrong with me?

Me: Hot dogs . . . Armour hot dogs . . . what kind of kid eats Armour hot dogs.

Coworker: What are you singing?

Me: Oh my god, I was singing out loud?

(Dear self, maybe you want to get more sleep. Or try taking some sort of medication. Because last time I checked you are NOT the kid from About a Boy.)


  1. I was once caught by a coworker rhyming the entire last verse to a random mid-90's song called "Cantaloop" by a group named US3. Spontaneously rapping is one thing, but spontaneously rapping an obscure verse from an obscure song that was at least 10 years old got me the friendly advice of, "Maybe you shouldn't drink every night."

    p.s. - Kat just taught me html tags. Yet another reason why she should never shut up.

  2. Seriously! She taught me about how R.E.M. got their name! She's full of knowledge!

  3. I was singing the Charmin jingle at work the other day.

    It just seemed like a good thing to do.

  4. I get stuck chanting "What would you dooo-oooo-oooooooo for a KLONDIKE BAR??? over and over and over again.