Thursday, January 17, 2008

ripping off Jane Austen, one day at a time

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the moment you get bad news, The Universe sets out to either A) help you out a little by giving you some good news or B) DESTROY YOU.

OK, I have no idea whether or not that's a truth universally acknowledged. I just wanted to start one of my blog entries with, "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that blah blah blah something something." If you know why I'd want to start an entry like that, then I love you and you know why I love you.

Anyway, if that thing I said up there IS true, then I'm certainly glad The Universe followed up my bad news with option A.

You'd better brace yourself, Internets, for I have something both shocking and sad to tell you. Bo (my aunt and uncle's cat that comes to visit sometimes; seen here) aka The Most Loving Cat In All The Land aka The Cat Phoebe Loves to Hate . . . has gone to Pet Heaven. It all happened very suddenly which is why it is SHOCKING. And it happened to the nicest cat in the world which is why it is SAD. Let's all have a moment of silence for Bo.

The Universe, however, decided to then give me good news and BOOM now my friend Mary is coming to visit this weekend! Hijinks shall ensure, don't you worry about that, and I hope the weekend will be forever immortalized. Just like last time. I'm glad I have Monday off to recuperate.


Today on The Collective, I talk and talk and talk some more about the last book I read.


  1. Ripping off Jane Austen, one day at a time? Story of my life.

    I am sorry about Bo. I do hope he will be happy in pet heaven.

  2. I mean, how could anyone NOT be happy in pet heaven? Unless you're allergic to animals or something.

  3. Aw. Bye bye, Bo the Cat. My kitty went to pet heaven last week. Maybe they can play with each other, and hump pet heaven god's leg.

  4. Aww, I'm sorry about your cat, friend! Humping pet heaven god's leg? Oh yeah, you went there.

  5. Jennie. I want to be you.

  6. Poor Bo-Bo. I will miss him greatly. Even though he made strangled baby noises, it was fun to imitate. He also got us the greatest gift ever...kitty windchimes.

  7. Tamara, EVERYONE wants to be me. Well, not really, I just tell myself that to help my self-esteem.

    Heidi, I know, my heart feels sad.

  8. Sorry to hear that.