Sunday, January 20, 2008

who you calling a cooty queen, you LINT LICKER

My favorite thing about going to to bars is making drunk friends with random strangers. And if they call me adorable? BONUS.

We went to the bar last night and, for some reason, they've gone with the House of Death mode of decoration. There are animal heads mounted all over the place and (AND!) there is a giant stuffed bear in one corner. When we saw it, I believe my exact words were, "I am going to need my picture with that bear before the night is over."

Get a picture, I did, and in the process made friends with some people (Steve (not the three hole punch one) and his friend, NoName McGee, because I don't remember his name, OK?) who were STANDING IN OUR WAY (rude) but then they even gave us advice on both how to look scared of the bear AND fight it. Advice I apparently did not listen to, because I'm pretty sure that, in the event of a real bear attack, giving the bear a high five wouldn't help:

PS: Can someone please tell me what TV show/movie had a bunch of references to a jackalope? Please? There was a jackalope head on the wall and none of us could remember. Except for it may have had something to do with Dave Coulier. So. WTF?