Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.

This morning I fell into a wormhole. It happened while I was in the middle of getting ready, right after I'd finished drying my hair but before I'd put on any pants. I think the wormhole is somewhere in the vicinity of my closet, because that's where I seem to have lost the most time. At first, I fell into this wormhole and looked around and was all, "where are all my clothes?" because all I could see was a smooth see-through tube all around me and then I was like, "a wormhole? Seriously?" But whatever, I'd fallen into a wormhole, what could I do? I had to float around in it until it spat me out on the other side. I was just pissed because wormholes are really cold (who knew?) and I wasn't wearing pants. I mean, if I'd KNOWN I was going to fall into a wormhole, I would have put on a parka or long johns or something.

While I was floating around and shivering and trying to come up with a good excuse for being late to work that didn't include the words "pantsless" or "wormhole," this dwarf suddenly appeared next to me.

"Um, hi," I said.

"Hi. What's all this then?" he asked.



We floated in silence for a bit and then I asked his name and where he came from.

"My name is Algar. I come from a land called Dwarfatania," he explained.

"Where's that?"

"It's like 30 minutes south of Narnia, if you take Highway Fairy Princess and get off at the exit for Puck's Joke Shop."


"What is your name? What land do you come from?" Algar asked.

"Jennie. Ohio."

"Ohio. That sounds magical."

"It's not."


Then Algar disappeared. I don't know where he went. Such is the magic of wormholes. Eventually, I got out of the wormhole. I don't know how. Such is the magic of wormholes. I was a little disappointed that I didn't run into Jake Gyllenhaal, but there was a silver lining to this wormhole. When I got to work (late), I explained to my boss about the wormhole and when I got to the part about Algar, she sent me home for some reason! Something about not coming to work drunk anymore, I'm not sure.


Today on The Collective, boys are smelly. True story.


  1. find the wormhole that leads to DC so we can get some drinkies.

  2. Good idea. I'd better look for that wormhole at a bar, yes?

  3. This could take a while. I'd better start now.

  4. true conversation between matt and i just now:

    matt: what are you working on up there?

    me: (annoyed at his implication that i should be writing articles instead of playing) Reading blogs.

    matt: oh. whose?

    me: jennie baxla's

    matt: what's she up to these days?

    me: she fell into a wormhole.

    matt: a WORMHOLE? th'fux a wormhole?

    me: don't worry about it.

  5. Oh my god. That made me LOL.

  6. I wish I could wormhole my way out of my office. AND I MEAN IT.

  7. I like the line "Something about not coming to drunk anymore, I'm not sure". haha, you MUST be drunk!

  8. h!a! I'll check with Algar. Maybe he has some suggestions.

    Heidi, you have confused me.

  9. See, I thought you were high, not drunk. My bad.

  10. LOOK! what was in the Columbus Dispatch last weekend (I'm a little slow at reading the paper)!

  11. You make me laugh. (And I love the Back to the Future title reference. That makes me very happy. Not that your posts have anything to do with me, but, well, I digress and ramble on and such.)

    Happy! (almost) Thursday.

  12. Not come to work drunk??? What a horrible, horrible idea!!! Can't we get her fired for that?