Friday, June 04, 2004


When I heard that Sex and the City was going to be on TBS starting in June, I was excited. And I got even more excited when HBO IControl took all the episodes off of their schedule so I couldn't rent them and watch them over and over anymore for free.

The one thing that confused me, though, was how they were going to show it on regular cable. What with the nudity, and the cursing, and the Samantha.

Last night, while watching the TV Guide Channel (I know, my life is sad, and I promise, when more interesting things start to happen to me I will stop writing all about movies and watching TV, but for now since my life is boring you're all just gonna have to deal, ok? And really? Your lives must not be that interesting if you're still reading my thoughts about a TV show, for crying out loud. Crap, here we go again with the parentheses.) Anyway, the person on TV Guide Channel (shut up) was doing a little promo for Sex and the City on TBS. It turns out that way back when they first started shooting the show, they made an HBO version and a regular cable version, just in case the show ever got picked up for syndication on a network where you can't say the f word and you can't show boobs.

Isn't that interesting?

Ok, not really, I know.

The only thing I'm wondering now is how much screen time Samantha will get now.

Reading: The note my mom left me.
Watching: My dog try to get a tissue out of the trash and eat it without being noticed. Ain't gonna happen.
Wondering: What it is about tissues and toilet paper that make them so irresistible to Ripley.

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  1. My dog does that, too! I wonder if there are some special ingredients in boogers that they find tantilizing enough to eat? Hmmmm...