Saturday, June 19, 2004

rule one: mom is always right

Rule two: see rule one.

Ok, today was proof positive that you should always listen to your mother. I talked to her yesterday and told her I had a cough and she told me I should come home (see, I'm house/dog-sitting for my aunt, which is why I wasn't already at home) and get this medicine that she swears works wonders. My response? "Oh, mom, it's ok, I'll just take some Robitussin I found in Aunt Karen's cabinet."

Today I woke up and felt even worse than I did yesterday. I took two doses of Robitussin, sat on the couch, and hacked like I was trying to cough up a lung for about 8 hours. Continuously. Finally, I decided to just go home and get the medicine my mom was talking about.

I took my first dose of it about three hours ago. I've coughed about 5 times in the past two hours. This stuff is like Miracle Medicine.

I hate it when my mom is right. Which is often. The only comforting thing is that at some point (hopefully) I'll have a son or daughter and then I'll be the one who gets to be right all the time. And I can rub it in their faces.

Not that my mom would ever do that.

Especially when her first-born is still sick.



Except she totally did. About 10 minutes ago.

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