Tuesday, June 29, 2004

i'm still alive

So, I wasn't horribly murdered in my sleep last night. I was pleasantly surprised to wake up alive and well this morning. The only bad thing is that I am sore all over. I feel like I was fighting in my sleep or something. Maybe I was, I was pretty paranoid last night and didn't fall to sleep until around 4, so for all I know I was running from a homocidal maniac all night in my dreams.

This is kind of embarrassing, and I'm only sharing it because I can admit that I was acting like a spaz and it is kind of funny, but not only did I lock the bedroom door last night, but I did that trick where you stick a chair under the doorknob so if someone had somehow unlocked the door they still wouldn't have been able to get in. Unless they had like, superhuman strength and they broke the chair. But that would make a lot of noise, so I probably would have woken up and had enough time to run into the bathroom with the phone and lock myself in there. How long do you suppose it takes the police to get somewhere once you call 911? And do they really put people on hold? That seems so evil.

"Oh, I'm sorry someone is about to kill you, but I was just about to take a bathroom break, can you hold please?"

Once my sister dialed 911 and someone answered (there was no emergency, she was just little and a holy terror) so I don't think they would have put her on hold. Then again, we were in Bellefontaine at the time so they probably don't get very many calls.

Tonight is my last night of housesitting, so it is the last night I could potentially be murdered in this house. And I know it's insane but I'll probably repeat the chair trick again tonight.

Hey, I figure it must work since I'm still alive today.

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