Wednesday, June 23, 2004

last one, i swear

Here's an example of someone with too much time on his hands. Basically, this old guy went to the library and crossed out swear words in a bunch of books.

Which is better than what this guy used to do at the library in my hometown. He'd take books that he thought were inappropriate (mostly anything to do with homosexuality) and poop in them.

You heard me. He pooped. On the books. And he'd write things like, "how dare you corrupt young children" in the books, too.

Because teaching children about homosexuality is wrong. Pooping on books, though? Totally fine. The story was on The Daily Show, too, but it was when that guy who sucks hosted it, not Jon Stewart.

Thankfully, this all happened before I worked at the library so I never ran across any books with poo on them.

Although, once someone took a crap right next to the toilet in the men's bathroom. And it didn't look like a child-size pile of poo, either.

But that's story for another day.

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