Friday, June 04, 2004

TBS's new advertising is looking very 50's. Basically, if a "boy" movie (A Knight's Tale, for example) is coming on, the promo is shown with blue background. But if it's a promo for a "girl" movie (Bridget Jones's Diary), there's a pink background.

Way to break the stereotypes, TBS.

I saw Harry Potter today. I think it was better than the previous two, mainly because it's much more adult and they don't spend so much time assaulting the audience with special effects like in the first two where they're like little kids going "oooh, look what we can do with our fancy computers! See the maaaaaaagic? Look again and give in to our spell."

Also? Harry and Ron are growing into fine, young men. Fine.

I'm going to hell.

Reading: I'm not. Just kidding.
Listening to: I'll give you a hint. It just takes some time/little girl you're in the middle of the ride/everything everything will be just fine/everything everything will be alright.
Wondering: Where my life went.


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  2. Damn fine young men. Damn fine. I'll take that ride to hell with you.