Wednesday, June 02, 2004

holy mary mother of god

I just watched the Goonies. I really love that movie, if I haven't said it before. I remember EC saying a while ago that they're making a sequel and thinking "now how the hell do they think they're going to do that?" I was kind of hoping they weren't going to do it, because the movie is such a classic as it is. It doesn't really NEED a sequel.

I just found this website, though, so it looks like it's gonna happen. It looks like the same writers and directors are involved (which include Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus, and interesting side note, Spielberg was born in Ohio and Columbus was raised in Ohio . . . well, I thought it was interesting) so that's a good sign. And an article I read said that most of the original cast will be returning.

Anyway. Goonies fans, check it out. I guess Chunk is a lawyer now.

Who knew?

Reading: Still reading Lost in a Good Book. It's so good. I think I'm lost in it.
Watching: Adult Swim, on Cartoon Network
Wondering: Why my phone keeps ringing. Yikes.

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  1. Yes! That is so awesome! I can't wait for Goonies 2! What is with calling the 'new' group of kids Groonies? Hmmm, I guess it will work. I'm so happy Data, Chunk, Mouth, Mikey, and Brand are returning. Wow, I am such a Goonies geek, I can recite all of the words to the movie. Imagine that. "It's our time, it's our time down here, up there it's their time, it's their time up there. Now, our parents, they want what's good for us ......" Ok, ok, I'll stop.