Thursday, June 10, 2004

you sit on a throne of lies

Jennie's random thoughts during the MTV Movie Awards:

How old are the Beastie Boys now? Shouldn't they be Beastie Men by now?

I really need to see Kill Bill 2.

Jimmy Fallon. Still annoying as ever.

Ditto Ashton Kutcher.

Since when are Sharon Stone and Cristina Aguilera BFF?

Paris Hilton looks like an irish setter. An Irish Setter with about 12 STDs.

Heh. Ron Burgandy is interviewing Jesus.

Why does Jack Black have a unibomber beard?

Is Uma Thurman drunk? Why won't she brush that damn strand of hair out of her face because it's DRIVING ME INSANE!

Ok. I couldn't care less about Jessica Simpson. But now we're to be subjected to her younger sister Asslee? Do they think we're just going to accept this quietly?!


If Will Ferrel had to lose to anyone, I'm glad it was Jack Black. And not Jim Carrey.

When does Elf come out on DVD? I better not have to wait til Christmas.

Yeah. I really can't stand Jim Carrey anymore.

Whoa, Jack Black just did a wicked somersault. How is a fat man so nimble?

Especially when he is so obviously drunk or high. Or both.

More Adam Brody, please.

Kirsten Dunst. Shut. Up.

I wish I had a pet hobbit.

Is anyone in the audience pro-Bush? Jack Black is wearing a "Vote Kerry" t-shirt. Sean Astin is wearing "Vote Kerry" stickers. While I applaud Samwise's message . . . stickers? Classy.

I can't wait to see The Stepford Wives.

Enough with the "Lindsay Lohan is a minor" jokes.


On a more exciting note, I ate chinese food tonight. Those of you who know me know this is a big deal, since in the past I have claimed to hate it. Granted, I picked out the vegetables and mushrooms, but the chicken, rice, and sauce were good. I enjoyed it, though, mostly due to the fact that I used chopsticks. Food tastes so much better when you have to work to get it in your mouth.

Reading: The Hours by Michael Cunningham.
Watching: Family Guy.
Wishing: I had a baby like Stewie. Constant entertainment.

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